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  • Connect to key game changers in music tech
  • DIscover the most innovative projects, helping artist and songwriters boost their career 
  • Discuss innovative business models for artist development, royalty management, music production and distribution 
  • Lear how to improve your A&R and investment decisions with technology
  • Discover the advantges and threats of AI generated music for the industry
  • Take advantage of automated and transparent rights management


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Study: Impact of Distributed Ledger Technology on Music Industry

A thorough study of Camila Sitonio and Alberto Nucciarelli! By investigating the industry’s supply chain, they argue that the on-demand streaming platforms (e.g. Spotify and Apple Music) have allowed consumers to easily access music products but have introduced a level of intermediation between artists and customers leading to inefficiency of the royalty payments systems. They discuss some applications, that would allow disintermediation of the industry, allowing artists to create and capture more value from their own products.

How will AI impact music industry?

Music Ally and the BPI put together a stunning report on AI in music industry! "We are entering an era where humans – from artists and songwriters through to A&Rs and digital marketers in labels – will be complemented by AI in various forms, from algorithmic composition tools to hyper-personalised playlists and messaging chatbots." Want to know the key trends?